Do your Own Electrical Work
Teach Yourself how to Fly
Eat a Two Week Old Unrefrigerated Pie

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Teach Yourself how to Fly is the third line of the second verse.


Head Carrying

Carrying his head

This line is characterized by a green figure wearing an brown pilot's cap. Stupe is able to pull his head off his body. He is a part of the second group and is a solo dancer.


Teach yourself how to fly

This character attempts to fly a plane, but before leaving the screen he does a barrel roll and the plane lands upside down, losing his head in the process.

He does not follow any other dancers in the chorus. Instead, he stands stationary and flips his head up and down. He is one of the solo dancers and is the first solo dancer introduced.


In the earliest version, the player was to blow in the microphone to make the plane fly: if one failed, the plane would crash and Stupe would decapitate; if one succeeded, the plane flew off-screen.

This game could be disabled by the user.

An update was released in December 2016, which changed the game, making it no longer to disable.

Stupe also has another minigame where he's flying his plane throughout the cactus area. You must swipe the screen so that Stupe can avoid the cactuses. If you hit a cactus, Stupe's plane will crash into the cactus, throwing Stupe out, resulting in failure. If you dodge all the cactuses, Stupe's plane will fly away safely, with a present falling out of the plane.