The Dumb Team's gender is not confirmed by Metro yet, so the gender given in the article is decided by the Dumb Ways to Die Wiki community.
Be sure The Dumb Team may not be a Lady or Gentleman in the DWtD series!

The Dumb Team is a group of four characters: a green one, a pink one, an orange one, and a blue one. The green, orange, and pink ones are all women. The blue one is a man. They represent the group of people who work on the Dumb Ways to Die series. They are:

  • Head of Dumb Ideas: Chloe
  • CEO of Dumb: Leah
  • Dumb IP Lawyer: Fiona
  • Head of Digital Ways to Die: Dean


Chloe is a pink bean with tied blond-hair and has her cell phone holding on her left hand. And unlike most other beans, her feet have a shape that resembles high heels along with Leah and Fiona. [Non-canon info] The name possibly was taken from the Chloe Alsop, the Marketing Manager of Metro Trains[1]. (Reason? : There's no known announce of approval for it.) [Non-canon info ends here.]

Leah is an orange bean with short blond-hair and wears a pearl necklace. And [Non-canon info] the name possibly was taken from the Leah Waymark, the General Manager, Corporate Relations of Metro Trains[1]. (Reason? : There's no known announce of approval for it.) [Non-canon info ends here.]

Fiona is a green bean with short brown hair that partically hides her right eye and has a tan briefcase holding on her left hand. She was featured in the minigame Complicated Coffee Making, located in Rio Stadidumb.

Dean is a blue bean with short black hair. He has tan-striped yellow necktie attached on his bust and has a tablet pc holding on his right hand. Unlike other team members, he has feet that resembles shoes. He was featured in the minigame Complicated Coffee Making from Rio Stadidumb and Countdown Commuter from Area Fiftydumb.


Nothing is definitely known about their personalities, apart from the fact that in free time, they don't appear to mind going to the bar as shown in the minigame Complicated Coffee Making in Rio Stadidumb. Also, Dean appears to be a bit of a daredevil, as he uses a rocket to reach his home, rather than walking to it, as shown in Countdown Commuter.


  • Leah the CEO of Dumb strongly resembles Ninny, while their gender is different from each other.



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