• Look, I've been a DW2D fan for a very long time, I've played every game that they (Metro) released of it, But do you think its time when it's loosing popularity? Not that I'm hating it but sometimes when I go onto the video they released for new minigames for the original game some people say "lol this old meme." Do you think that's starting to prove that DW2D is getting old and dying down?

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    • In fact, whenever Metro giving attention to care the whole Dumb Ways to Die series, then it won't die down at the moment.

      And even the whole franchise got collapsed, then we still can remember the "legacies" they left, so it won't be forgotten for a long time, as it still remain bright in our hearts.

      By the way, I'm still missing Julian Frost who directed some stuff including first app and original video. He took these well with subtley done, yet oddly charming vibe and carefully taken but funny black humor the whole video possesses, which were enough to charm me so much.. now the things we currently get without him, especially after the Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games just produce something without these, which I felt they no longer give me strong charms unlike goodies directed by him.

      As well as they're not careful to even properly recognize the character they have! Like how Boffo, Dummkopf's name and Ninny managed to serve these problem. It is too fatal to care their WHOLE franchise, but they still seem think it's a sort of casual problem as still excusing themselves like "Sometimes though we're a bit dumb and can't spell and type Dumbkopf. Dumb ways to spell! ha ha". At least Boffo had a clever solution to solve his problem and Dummkopf's mispelled name is about to be used less than before but Ninny..Oh no.

      That's the personal opinion why I think the franchise is destined to getting down; they no longer charm me as an old fan, but they just produce series without proper direction as if I'm just seeing random YouTube video with provocative thumbnail or subject, or poorly done casual slasher movies, rather than well done black humor, or just the Dumb Ways to Die itself.

      Well, although I have no idea how new series serve new DWtD fans so I'm sure my opinion is pretty biased. Therefore, I'd like to hear your opinion regarding these, if you have a time to write one. c:

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    • I get your point, and as Collagen said, sure, it is about to decline, like everything will eventually at some point, but I believe that as long as you are dedicated to it, it shouldn’t be a problem to you.

      It might even make a resurgence at some point in the future, who knows.

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    • I emailed dwtd about this
      Email screenshot about dwtd

      what I sent

      Email screenshot about dwtd image 2

      how they responded

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    • Don't Worry, Everything's Ok, New Updates Will Make More Popularly

      When Dumb Ways To Die Is A TV Show... Even More Popularly!

      Don't Worry, Everything's Fine

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    • The game was really good, but, how come some users that contributed here don’t really go here anymore? Also, why have Dimwit, Doomed, Ninny, And Bonehead were removed from DWTD 3 world tour?

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    • EmzyWenzy64 wrote: The game was really good, but, how come some users that contributed here don’t really go here anymore? Also, why have Dimwit, Doomed, Ninny, And Bonehead were removed from DWTD 3 world tour?

      For the official response regarding the removal of 4 beans, please check this one.

      Also, it would be nice if you can contribute our wiki, since some users, including me may busy to other business and so.

      If you ever made some edits, I may take a look for help you!

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