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The Trains are rail vehicles in the Dumb Ways to Die series.


These trains resemble their Metro Trains Melbourne counterparts somewhat. They have a grey body, black windows and occasionally a yellow stripe near the end of the first and last carriages.

In the video[]

The trains appear multiple times in the video, killing several characters in every run:

  • Stumble stood too close to the edge of a track bed and falls into it before the train runs over, slicing him to death with its wheels.
  • Bonehead gets impatient with the boomgates and drives around it, though the train crashes into him, destroying his vehicle and also cutting him into pieces.
  • Putz tries to grab his balloon on the other side of the track bed, though as he is crossing the train kills him and splits him vertically.

Dumb Ways to Die (application)[]

The trains function identically to the video's depiction in their failure screens. Otherwise, they will just pass harmlessly.

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games[]

The train appears as a form of transportation that carries the player to various themed stations. Occasionally the player may be forced to play a mini-game correlating to rail safety on longer rides.

Dumb Ways to Die 3: World Tour[]

The train is purely cosmetic and appears only as a mobile background object on towns or in transition screens.


  • The last three lines of the song are train-related. These lyrics don't rhyme, but are quite possibly being the dumbest ways to die, and deliberately implemented due to the video's sponsor intending to promote rail safety.

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