Trump Ways To Die is a song uploaded by DumbWays2Die (YouTube channel). Verses 1 and 2 happen to be different than part 4 and part 3 from Dumb Ways to Die. The verse lengths are half the “standard” lengths.

On Nov. 13, 2016, the videos were removed in order to prevent lawsuits filed against Metro. It is now no longer possible to find the videos on the Metro channel, but a few others still retain this video.

Plot Edit

Part 1 Edit

Trump is building a wall that doesn't include Mexican people. The wall falls and there's another wall that doesn't include Trumps. Bad idea, eh? He crosses his arms. The wall falls and Mishap is running with the American flag. He pokes Trump's eyeball out with the pole. Trump and Mishap are standard dancers. Now this may seem different because in the original video, Mishap is a second dancer.

Part 2 Edit

Trump is seen in an elevator. He hangs out with a female person (possibly Fiona). He suffers to blood. Clod has Trump's hair. The woman grows a smile and they go up. His head starts rising. Trump and Clod are tertiary dancers. Now this may seem different because in the original video, Clod has no dance.

Part 3 Edit

Trump gets inside a tanning Solon. Numpty is hiding sneakily and increases the heat. Trump turns red and has fire on his hair. The fire cools down. His hair turns into a fox. He gets scratched by it. Trump and Numpty are standard dancers.

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1 Edit

Build a wall to Mexico

There's only one way that'll go

(chorus) Trump ways to die

So many Trump ways to die

Trump ways to die-ie-ie

So many Trump ways to die

Verse 2 Edit

Being offensive to half of the world

is just offensive to all the world

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3 Edit

Spend too long in a tanning Solon

And even walk getting your hair done

(repeat chorus)