Take your Helmet off in Outer Space
Use a Clothes Dryer as a Hiding Place
Keep a rattlesnake as a pet

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Use a Clothes Dryer as a Hiding Place is the fourth and last line of the third verse.


Dryer guy

This line is characterized by a pink figure visible in a round opening in a tan (Grey in chorus) box - which would be assumed as a clothes dryer. The shape and the height of Bungle is unknown.

In the videoEdit

He winks, then he begins smiling, then becomes scared as the dryer builds speed.

Game Edit

In the game, the machine will start spinning. The player must use their finger to spin the opposite way the machine is spinning. If successful, Bungle will open the machine and sigh in relief. Otherwise, Bungle will explode into blood, resulting in failure.

Another game was released later on, in which the player must turn off the dryer by turning both knobs to the off button on the top. If both are pointed upwards, the dryer will stop and open, and Bungle will give a thumbs up. If only one or neither of the knobs are pointed upwards, Bungle will once again explode.