Eat medicine that's out of date
Use your Private Parts as Piranha bait
Get your Toast out with a Fork

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Use your private parts as piranha bait is the fourth and last line of the first verse, coming after Eat medicine that's out of date. After this verse, the first four characters sing and dance the chorus.


Full skelly body

Before the piranhas ate his bottom half.

This line is characterized by a pink character with a skeletal bottom half and a few piranhas clinging on his bones. Dippy is part of group one.


Private parts

The character is seen on a tan background jumping into water, dancing, and wiggling about before jumping out of the water and revealing his now-skeletal lower half with three piranhas clinging to his bones. At the end of the first chorus he kicks off one of the piranhas clinging to his bones.


Piranha Plunge Edit

The player must flick the piranhas on the screen away from him, if this is succesful, he keeps dancing in the water, but if you fail, the piranhas will eat him.

Leaky Landlubber Edit

There is another minigame where you have to guide Dippy's boat with a hole in it to the island by swiping right. If Dippy's boat makes it to the island, he will get off of the boat and gyrate again. Otherwise, the boat will sink and Dippy will get eaten by piranhas, resulting in failure.

Flick them away