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Zany is a bean who made his debut in Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games. He is a member of The Sports Trio.


Zany is an oval-shaped orchid-colored bean with tufts of hair on his head and wear's a white and blue sweatband, which is slightly lopsided.


Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games[]

In Drown Town, Zany has a mini-game called 100m Piranha Freestyle, the player has to tap on the screen rapidly so Zany can swim away from the piranhas, if the player taps on the screen fast enough, he will swim up on an island with a piranha clinging onto his now skeletal legs while Dippy claps to him, otherwise the piranhas will devour him whole.

In Rocket Ski Jump located in Freezerville, the player has to trace over the arrows so Zany can land safely, if the player trace over the arrows correctly, he will follow the arrows and land safely and gets his hair set on fire, or he will blast off if the player trace over the arrows incorrectly.

In Off Piste Slalom another mini-game in Freezerville, the player has to tilt their device to avoid the logs, trees, or any other obstacles if the player dodges all of the obstacles, Zany will fall into a hot tub that Loopy is in. If the player hits one of the obstacles, he will roll into a giant snowball.

In Wing Walking located in Adrenaland, the player has to tilt their device to the opposite direction where the plane tilting, if the player does it successfully, Zany does a moonwalk and then strike a pose, if the player tilts their device to the same direction as the plane or does nothing, Madcap will come through and decapitate him.


  • 100m Piranha Freestyle: Is eaten by piranhas.
  • Rocket Ski Jump: Blasting off.
  • Off Piste Slalom: Bumping into an object and rolling into a snowball (Debatable).
  • Wing Walking: Madcap flies by and knocks his head off.
  • Grizzly Bear Salmon Catch: Hit by a salmon {Debatable}.

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